• 22/10/2021
  • News
  • Article by Repower Shoalhaven

Shoalhaven Solar Farm on track to produce by year’s end

Almost all major equipment deliveries have been made, including:

  • The mounting system
  • Inverter station
  • Electrical cables
  • Combiner boxes
  • Spares container
  • Water tank
  • Two thirds of the panels.

The project mechanical crew has now started installing all the panels on the framing system and the electrical crew is coming in behind them roughing in and connecting the string cabling.

This is the bulk of the works on site for the next two weeks, transforming the site to looking more like a mechanically complete solar farm.

Despite delays in cable and panel deliveries of about two weeks due to the global COVID-19 logistics crunch, the overall project program is still on track for generation in December.

The site is expected to be mechanically complete with the delivery of the 11kV switchgear in late November, and then will commence the commissioning process for energisation in the first week of December and 100% output from mid-December.

Completed mounting system, with panel pallets distributed across the site, ready for installation

Inverter being craned into place

Mechanical crew lifting rail together to install on the frames

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Our largest project to date is a 3MW solar farm in South Nowra which is due to be commissioned in late 2021/early 2022.