• 24/11/2021
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  • Article by Repower Shoalhaven

SCC Candidates – Climate Change Opinion Survey

Repower Shoalhaven is encouraging all parts of our community to take positive actions to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently we sent out a survey to all Shoalhaven Council candidates seeking their views on climate change and appropriate actions. We received 18 responses (out of 50 surveys). Our survey and candidate responses can be found here: Candidate Survey 2021  (You will need to enlarge the pdf file to view details).

Please Note: Repower Shoalhaven does not endorse any political group or candidate. We are providing this information to help Shoalhaven City residents understand candidates’ views on climate change and appropriate government actions.

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Repower Shoalhaven is a community based, not-for-profit social enterprise with over 7 years of developing community based solutions.

Solar Farm

Our largest project to date is a 3MW solar farm in South Nowra which is due to be commissioned in late 2021/early 2022.