Electrifying Everything

Transitioning to a Low Carbon Economy by Electrifying Everything

Across the country and the globe, the world is stepping up to the challenge of transitioning from fossil fuel generated energy to a low carbon economy powered by renewable and clean energy sources. This is a once in a generation change and it presents a huge opportunity for local communities to benefit economically.

The benefits are staggering if we apply existing technology smartly:

  • Households can save between $2000 and $6000 a year (from a combination of rooftop solar, switching appliances to electric, energy efficiency measures and electric vehicles)
  • Businesses can similarly save up to 30% on their power costs
  • Up to 180 new full-time jobs would be created in Shoalhaven
  • Carbon emission reductions in electricity consumption of 55% (or about 400,000 tonnes eCo2) between now and 2030.

Refer to the factsheet Electrifying Everything in the Shoalhaven which outlines what households, business, Council and the community can do.

The Shoalhaven Electricity Plan

We have created the Shoalhaven Electricity Plan which outlines various actions and targets for a low carbon economy at the local level for electricity generation and usage.

What is in the Plan?

The emphasis is on what electricity generation and usage might look like in relation to distributed renewable energy - primarily solar photovoltaics (PV) with batteries and electric vehicles (EVs).

Along with our community partners in the ZeroSE alliance, we are setting out a road map on what is needed from community, business and government leaders to lead the way.

In Australia we have the necessary technology and motivation; we need to now act as a community to realise the benefits by electrifying our homes and vehicles and businesses and community facilities by using and building renewable power.

  • Increase current residential rooftop PV installation rate and system size; from 2000 to 2500 installs p.a, ideally with batteries
  • Demonstrate the benefits to existing residential solar users from increasing their system size and adding batteries
  • Increase commercial and industrial installation solar uptake from 650 current installations to 3000 by 2030 – a target of 250 p.a.
  • Encourage households to retrofit energy efficient devices and appliances and switch to certified GreenPower with their retailer to use 100% renewable backed electricity
  • Build suitable EV fast-charging facilities and encourage households to change to EVs1 when they need to replace their vehicles and add a home charging device
  • Council to reduce its emissions by 5% pa using a mix of solar, demand management and other technologies, including an EV fleet
  • Build up to 10 Community and or Council solar farms that provide renewable power to the local community
  • Vote for candidates in the upcoming Local Government election that support a transition to renewables.

ZeroSE is a citizen’s alliance dedicated to reducing carbon emissions and increasing carbon drawdown in all sectors of the economy to reach net zero in south east NSW.

Using evidence-based research to show how to reach our emissions targets, the aim is to create local jobs and a healthy environment for the future. As in other regions, it’s a response to the policy vacuum in Australia: act now to decarbonise the economy in a way that brings big benefits to the community.

Read XeroSE Press Release (PDF)

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Solar Farm

Our largest project to date is a 3MW solar farm in South Nowra which is due to be commissioned in late 2021/early 2022.