Electric Vehicles

Why buy an electric vehicle?

Owning an electric vehicle has many health, cost and environmental benefits for drivers and the community.

1.  Cheaper to run and more efficient

  • fuel cost are about 70% less than a petrol car
  • significantly less moving parts so much less frequent servicing required

There are a range of free online tools that can help you compare the total costs of owning an EV against option options such a petrol/diesel vehicles and hybrids.  https://electricvehiclecouncil.com.au/ev-ownership-costs/

2. Better for the environment

  • charger from solar, and if you don't have solar as the grid gets greener so does your fuel
  • Zero tailpipe emissions

3. Simpler and more convenient 

  • No gears, intuitive to use and most come with an app for full control from your phone
  • Charge where you want when you want - plug it in overnight and its charger to go in the morning

4. Quieter and nicer for your neighbours 

  • you won't even wake the neighbours with almost zero noise coming from the electric motor.

EV Models Available

There are a large range of EV models available in Australia and growing.  https://thedriven.io/ev-models/

A second hand EV market is also developing as sales increase. Here is an example supply of second hand EVs from the Good Car Company. https://marketplace.goodcar.co/cars


Most new EVs can do over 350kms on a full charge, and the average kms driven per day is only 33kms, you can top that up every night

Plus there are more and more EV chargers being built all the time - check out plug share in your area [plugshare link]


What is the go with EV charging??? And this all depends on where you live and how much driving you do!

Below is a brief overview of EV charging options

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Solar Farm

Our largest project to date is a 3MW solar farm in South Nowra which is due to be commissioned in late 2021/early 2022.